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Backpacking note

Elevation gain: 200 - 300 meters per hour. Alpine high elevation, or good weather lower terrain.

White gas:
50ml / day / person of white gas, using primus stove. This is to boil water for bag food, and tea. Breakfast and supper all included.
100 to 120 ml / day / person for snow melting trip

Testing Gaia GPS on iPhone 7plus on 5040 peak

I had a trip to 5040 on Sept 2, 2017. One of the purpose of this trip is to test smart phone as GPS for backcountry trips. I relied on Gaia App on an iPhone 7plus for two whole days.

About 5040 
Cobalt lake was unbelievable. Comparing to the summit, I enjoyed the lake more.
The temperature was probably between 20 to 30+ for the three days. We didn't use our tent fly. Air was dry. Washed a shirt. It's dry over night.

About Gaia
I have only seen my friends using GPS handhold devices. I have waited for better options for years. I have always hoped that my smart phone can do the same. I finally decided to test this idea. I have relied on my iPhone 7plus as GPS on this trip, I think Gaia on an iPhone meets my need of a GPS.

My two concerns were, battery life, and robustness.

To save the battery, I turn the airplane mode on, also the phone has power saving mode. Which turned off some background process according to the help message below that setting.

During this trip, I took 20 - 30 …