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Day trip to Miquelon Lake

Had invited a couple friends to have a day trip to Miquelon Lake at South-East Edmonton. About one hours driving from Edmonton.

Here is what I am going to bring:
Food, water, salad bow, forks, cups, dishs, knife, cutting board. Swimming suite, sun screen, off, lighter, axe, tower, chairs, shade, soccer, camera, map, first-aids, leatherMan SuperTool.

We met at The Brick Store at 23Av-Calgary Trail at 10:00 AM. Had a quick discuss about the trip and route, and hand every driver a map.

The funniest thing happened after 30 mins driving. We found out that the park is closed for improvements. Then we changed our plan and went to the hw 16, and spent a day at Elk island. It's the last thing you would expect that a lake shore was closed in summer.

We took the yellowhead high way 16 and had a nice day in Elk Island.

Things can get better

Seems things are getting better, it has been a while I did not get kneed at my ribs. Started taking Brazillian Jujutsu classes. Only two classes so far. It's very interesting. At the same time, I noticed that my kicking skills are not as good as it used to be. More practic.