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The possible solution to Iron man's holograph UI

To implement the UI that we see in that Iron man holograph UI, using the current technology without the cost of an arm or a leg, here is the possible solution. Please see my previous post.

Using the augment reality glasses to project the model into our eyesGive 3D vision to our computerQuestions I have are: Do we have the product? Probably. I hope it works with Linux, has a simple/easy API to work with.
It is not the critical part for this moment. If a Linux friendly 3D display is not ready yet, a stub can be used for development.
(Action item, find what's out there)Do we have 3D vision implemented for computers? Probably not, maybe not as well as mouse and keyboard. Maybe implement a simple version, for example, build the 3D tracking ability to a pen. (Action item, find a product, the hardware. If it doesn't exist, maybe put together of two webcams.)What libraries, softwares and existing knowledge we can leverage. (Action item, learn)

My vision of project Ava

I sought, and I found what I was looking for.

Having watched too many sci-fi movies, to name a few, the interface in minority report, the Zion control in Matrix. Every time when I have to work with paper, either at work or at home, I wish augmented reality and virtual reality is available for mundane usage instead of gaming or military.

The UI in iron man movies is the most exciting and most attractive UI to me. I want to bring this into reality.

I wish that one day, the user interface that we need to work with is as simple as paper documents, photos; models projected as 3D objects.  Using 3D tracking and augmented reality, the environment can be our computer screen. The input device can be our hands, or a real pen. You grab a piece of "paper", put it on the table, pick up a "pen" or using your finger, dip in to a color that you like to write or draw in, start writing.

This is not a dream in a far future anymore. There is VideoMan…