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Reindeer power - you are more than that

This GIF is Reindeer. Treat Studios created it two years ago.

After seeing this on G+, a few thoughts started to growl. They are not about the artistic taste. They are about what we can do or be as an individual.

You are more than what you think you are.
You can easily tell whose lawn was maintained by professionals. Why is that? Professionals do the work with a much higher standard. Can you do that? I am sure you can, if you have the patience, and interest to read this post. But why people did not do a professional job on their lawn?

Can it be that they didn't want to? Self motivated people are rear to find. But almost everyone can do it if a clear standard is given. They need a Santa to transform them. The Santa here is someone who zaps you into a Super Saiyan.  He is setting the standard, the target, and direction. Having a purpose, and meaning is making the difference.

When the right group of people get together, some will come up with the direction. Individuals will transform…