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Another view of the problem I try to solve

The issue:
I found that paper is essential in current business work. Having a hard-copy of a document, a copy of design, it's the most effective way for discussion, for making notes, and recording a decision. To work effectively, it's important to have a hard copy.

The Goal:
I wish that we can work smoothly without the hard copy of docs, note books.

Possible solution:
I wonder AR and computer 3D vision may bring this to reality. Virtual "hard copy" of the docs. You can spread it out over your desk, flip through it, write on it and what ever else that you can think of that you may do with a real paper. Maybe not paper air plane. Why not?
Virtual note book that you can write on. The pen can be your finger or a pen, or something that your computer treat as a pen.

Water down version: (Need to check the current tech level and might be a first step toward a better version)
Is there some window manager that can work with AR or VR eye-wears? It's might be able to simulate a…