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Original Wisdom by Robert Wolff

It is one of those books that will change how you see the world.

This post is about a few thoughts I had during and after reading it. You can easily find out more about this book. Many people has wrote about it. They mentioned what Robert Wolff talked in this book. I will not waste everybody's time here.

It's a beautiful book. It was a peaceful read. No struggle, not emotional stretches, just a peaceful walk on a forest trail. Robert Wolff, the author had the book started in a soothing and friendly tune. It became more interesting towards the later few chapters. The book had painted a sweet, hart warming picture of Malaysian aboriginal, Sng'oi people. That is what a community would look and feel, when all were awakened. Although I couldn't stop thinking, it maybe even better, if they had modern med care.

Among all the things I learned, the most important one is awakening, obtaining one's true freedom is simple. It does not have to take life-after-life's effort.

"Get it" when the time comes

My 14 years old child once complained, "everyone says 'be the person you want to be.' It becomes meaningless!"

Education is challenging, isn't it? This is probably the most powerful tip for one's development. But it lost its meaning by being over exposed. Everyone is playing a role. That he or she decided to be. Who knows where the self image developed from.

Good thing that there are books, and Internet, when it is time for someone to get an idea, those books, articles are there waiting. 

It will click one day.

Here is the most surprising TED talk I found in 2012. It explains the idea perfectly. Be the one you want to be. "fake it, till you become it".