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"I, Robot, am the Buddha in a teenager's skin"

Here is a post I found on the shroomery forum, I like it, afraid it's going to disappear before I have time to contemplate on it, so I
quoted it from this URL: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You are a robot. This is the first thing you must accept on the road to liberation. Whether or not you are a tabula rasa, a blank slate, when you are born, or there is some spark of uniqueness which allows your mind to react differently to the world than someone else would in your exact situation, the undeniable fact remains: you are a robot.

You are biologically programmed through the act of human reproduction, you are emotionally and linguistically programmed by your parents and all those with whom you interact, and you are programmed to live within certain systems (rational, calendric, numeric, religious, scholastic, etc.) by your parent-culture.